Monday, June 9, 2008

Respond to Eye level

First of all, thank you Mr. Doyle for giving me the art lesson. I enjoyed my little time of pillaging the walls of art galleries in my mind. The experience was nice but as always i still have my different opinions. So before anyone gets p.o'ed at what I'm about to say let me explain to you something. Yes i do draw and yes i do support the teaching of art in schools because it helps to make the uptight ones a little less up tight. But i do have kind of a spartan out look towards art. It is not necessary to a working society and it only is something that should be done if it is called for or there is nothing else to do. So don't expect my little blog here to be all super pro art and what not.

Well the baseball and art thing kind of seemed like a waste of time to me. Honestly I cant stand baseball. Its like watching paint dry to entertain yourself and in theory that crap just isn't entertaining. I hate baseball with a passion and for them to go add art into the mix only ticks me off. I understand that you and your father had a special connection to baseball and all the happy memories and what not but, baseball art. I just imagine a baseball bat with stars exploding from behind it and screaming fans standing up in the stands. Well it might make a nice picture and all but that's the thing it may only make a nice photograph.

I did like the philosophy aspect of the guy who was talking about the still life thought. But Idon't think the lady who painted it had all that in mind. Maybe she was just painting some fruit she had sitting around and she just happened to add a wine glass in there for her own good reasoning. Maybe she was doing a wine advertisement and the fruit was to prove that it was "all natural". Once again art is nice and all but don't go adding crap in it that's not friggen there. When it comes to things like that people always want to add there two bit friggen opinions in like everyone in the world really cares but in heart I think that people just like to look at the pictures because their pretty not because they hide the secrets to life behind every brush stroke. That's just a load of malarkey.

Next thought up for slaughter the super highway. Yeah lets teach our kids about art history so they grow up to be artistic free minded people who look at the world from more than one prospective, but lets not force them to learn it. Lets let them choose to go that path if they want to, let us maybe let them have a choice every now and then. And in essence if they choose that route we can pat them on the back give them one those little artsy hats and a pail of oil paints to paint the things that happen around them. To tell the truth I once again digress to that spartan mind I have. Why teach our kids art while we could be teaching them how to run businesses or perhaps how to help one another, so they wont grow up to be selfish pricks like my generation. I want them to be open minded trust me, but its going to take more than art to do that. Its going to take us all to hell and back on a piece of 2x4 to teach them to respect each other and to be open to just their own ideas.

So in the end I come to this point, let kids learn art if they want to, baseball doesn't have a damn thing to do with art, and I'm tired of reading about people finding meaning in pictures that they honestly cant back up. Don't read me to be a jerk or some one with no intellect. I have plenty of that I'm just tired, I'm just a little cranky this morning, but I'm not taking back anything I said that's all my true opinion. I'm just tired of brain dead imbeciles thinking their opinion means everything to the world, when it means nothing at all.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Reply to the two Art articles

Shokief Dillon

I honestly read them both and I'm going to reply to them both at one time because the first article about teaching one how to read art was like something you needed to know before you read the article about the lawsuit. I know allot of views may seem a tad bit extreme but these are the things I believe.

First of all I think that the teachers were right to tell him that it is not appropriate to have the religious pictures in school. Remember this one important fact forever and always, there is supposed to always be a separation of church and state. That's how it was written in the constitution and that's how things should stay. Because without that separation there would always be someone getting offended by someone else's religion and that would just be one huge distraction from the learning enviorment.

Second, I truly don't think the images they referred to were "demonic", but just things in his religion known for "evil" or just dark nature. Like the first article said you have to be respectful towards all art not just your own. So if you are going to judge some one else's imagine how yours looks in their eyes. Always be open minded to everything because the beginning is a closed mind and the end is complete ignorance.

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